Private Alternative Investment Partners

Leading in private alternative investment strategies

Fiera Capital’s expanded offering of alternative strategies provides investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with a choice of innovative solutions that leverage talent and execution and, in the case of private alternatives, with a liquidity-risk premium, while offering the potential for higher growth, higher yields, stronger absolute returns and less volatility.

Private alternative solutions enable clients to address their capital-appreciation and income objectives while enjoying a measure of protection against inflation.

Fiera Infrastructure offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios through access to a sought-after global asset class that delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns over a long-term holding period.

Fiera Real Estate offers best-in-class strategies designed to produce growing income and stable total returns through direct investment in high-quality real estate.

Fiera Private Debt creates and manages a portfolio of funds that provide bridge financing for construction projects, financing for real estate investments and short-term business loans.

Fiera Comox Agriculture is dedicated to building a diversified global portfolio of assets, primarily farmland, generating stable, attractive returns over the long-term for investors. Our highly experienced agriculture team has previously acquired close to 5 million acres of land globally while generating a leading track record of returns.

Fiera Comox Private Equity provides a complete private equity solution through a diversified global portfolio of corporate private equity investments, generating attractive absolute returns over the long-term for our clients. Our private equity team has complementary experience across the full spectrum of private equity investing having managed two of the world’s leading institutional private equity portfolios.

Clearwater Capital Partners provides investors class-leading Asian Credit investment solutions and a diversification tool to their portfolio with low correlation through access to compelling, downside-protected and cash-generative investments across the full spectrum of Asian Credit – direct lending, stressed credit and distressed credit.