The Appeal of Mid-Market Infrastructure Investing

Jan 27, 2020
Alina Osorio
President, Fiera Infrastructure
Ciaran Henry
Senior Vice President, Head of Distribution Europe & Asia
Insights Fiera Capital Africa Reawakening 2019

Africa Re-awakening

Jan 1, 2018

After a difficult period, we believe the outlook for African economies and stock markets has turned positive. In 2017 we highlighted a number of developments that would make African markets more attractive, and pleasingly many of these have come to pass.

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FIera Capital Insight Image ESG Everyday

ESG Everyday: A Framework for Fixed Income Portfolios

Jan 6, 2021

The words Environmental, Social and Governance have become commonplace in the lexicon of investors of late.

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Philippe Ouellette
Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Jason Carvalho
Senior Vice President, Fixed Income, Institutional Markets