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Image of Hydroelectricity in Italy

Enhancing Value Through Active Ownership

Apr 16, 2024

At Fiera Infrastructure, we aim to honour our responsibility to ensure that the essential infrastructure we invest in is resilient and positioned to thrive over the long term. Our rigorous approach to investment and asset management means we can act in the best interests of our investors through strong management practices, investment discipline and the highest level of ethical behaviour.

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Alina Osorio
President, Fiera Infrastructure
Fiera Capital Frontier Markets – an Alternative to Emerging Markets Vietnam skyline

Frontier Markets – An Alternative to Emerging Markets

Nov 29, 2023

While emerging markets are a common term for most investors, frontier markets often move in the shadow of their bigger brother. But how do these categories differ? Stefan Böttcher, Senior Portfolio Manager, explains in this article.

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Stefan Böttcher
Senior Portfolio Manager – Emerging and Frontier Markets
Fiera Capital UK Good Governance Greater Returns

Good Governance. Greater Returns.

May 22, 2020

Why corporate governance is the key to an ESG-friendly portfolio.

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Nadim Rizk
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager, PineStone Asset Management Inc.