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Enhancing Value Through Active Ownership

Apr 16, 2024

At Fiera Infrastructure, we aim to honour our responsibility to ensure that the essential infrastructure we invest in is resilient and positioned to thrive over the long term. Our rigorous approach to investment and asset management means we can act in the best interests of our investors through strong management practices, investment discipline and the highest level of ethical behaviour.

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Alina Osorio
President, Fiera Infrastructure
FIera Capital Insight Image ESG Everyday

ESG Everyday: A Framework for Fixed Income Portfolios

Sustainable Investing
Jan 6, 2021

The words Environmental, Social and Governance have become commonplace in the lexicon of investors of late.

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Philippe Ouellette
Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Jason Carvalho
Senior Capability Specialist, Fixed Income
Fiera Capital UK Good Governance Greater Returns

Good Governance. Greater Returns.

May 22, 2020

Why corporate governance is the key to an ESG-friendly portfolio.

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Nadim Rizk
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager, PineStone Asset Management Inc.
Fiera Capital Asia Deserves Some Credit

Asia Deserves Some Credit

Jun 26, 2019

When considering investment in Asia, the first thought is often towards equities, which isn’t surprising, given the growth of equity markets in the region. However, there also exists a lesser known, yet massive, Asian corporate credit market.

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Robert Petty
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Fiera Asia
Fiera Capital Emerging Markets China

Growth and Income Investing in Emerging Markets – The Trend Continues

May 29, 2019

Following on from a piece written in August 2018, we continue to see the case for growth and income investing in Emerging Markets.

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