Active and Strategic Fixed Income Team – Core Plus

Investment approach

The strategy is designed to generate additional return over time by building a diversified exposure to traditional and alternative credit, including high yield bonds, commercial mortagages, diversified private loans and real assets. The investment strategy is built to optimize both the Core and the Plus components of the Core Plus portfolio, by taking advantage of a sophisticated credit allocation process in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. Moreover, the strategy allows for tactical short-term deviations from the long term target allocation in order to fully take advantage of market opportunities, both in the Core and Plus components of the portfolio. The strategy aims at delivering a yield-to-maturity that is more than 1% higher than the FTSE Canada Universe benchmark index, with reduced volatility in portfolio returns.

Key Characteristics

  • Holistic approach designed to optimize all components of the strategy
  • Superior value added objective compared to traditional mandates
  • Minimum volatility and tracking error versus market benchmark
  • Well-diversified sources of traditional and alternative credit exposure
  • Continuous and rigorous risk management through disciplined investment process