Active and Strategic Fixed Income Team – Active Long Term

Investment approach

Our active management approach adapts to changes in the economic, financial and political environments. With a focus on yield enhancement and capital preservation, the strategy aims to maximize the return per unit of risk with a low level of volatility (information ratio equal or greater than 0.50). We use four potential value-added sources and employ four types of analysis (fundamental, technical, sentiment and seasonality) around a well disciplined and structured process that invests in high quality securities. Specific risk metrics are calculated periodically to minimize the default risk, and to maintain the calibration of each strategy within the overall risk budget of the portfolio.

Key Characteristics

  • Consistency and solid performance in different types of market environments
  • Strong risk-adjusted returns as reflected by an excellent Information Ratio
  • Support yield enhancement (“carry”) through asymmetrical investment decisions
  • High quality portfolio with conservative approach to corporate bonds selection
  • Continuous and rigorous risk management through disciplined investment process