Active and Strategic Fixed Income Team – Insurance Mandates

Investment approach

Fiera Capital’s expertise in managing insurance assets goes back more than 20 years. Our dynamic investment process, which combines return objectives with specific insurance risk metrics such as actuarial reserves and capital requirements, ensures that our asset portfolios are best aligned with our clients’ investment, balance sheet and financial statements objectives under all market environments. Our main objective is to build an optimal portfolio based on the liability profile and specific risk metrics of each client. Our in-house optimization tools, built and designed by our team of experienced actuaries and investment professionals, are at the heart of our portfolio construction process. With different investment strategies evolving with market conditions, our team will take advantage of every market opportunity within our risk budget in order to maximize investment return and improve our clients’ financial statements.

Key Characteristics

  • Approach that improves balance sheet and financial statements
  • Integration of specific risk metrics in the portfolio risk management
  • Portfolio optimization: maximum return based on target solvency ratios
  • Dynamic approach: different strategies depending on market conditions
  • Continuous and rigorous risk management through disciplined investment process