Canadian Equity – Dividend

Investment approach

The long-term success of our Canadian Dividend strategy is rooted in a quality investment philosophy. The aim of such an approach is to invest in businesses for the long-term (not trade stocks) that are profitable and well-established with durable, defensible attributes and can generate good returns on investment. We believe a focus on quality businesses combined with our disciplined approach to valuation and long-term holding period will continue to compound wealth for our clients.
This strategy targets a dividend yield greater than the TSX.
As long-term investors, we believe that integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our investment process helps us to identify high quality, sustainable businesses, as well as material risks and opportunities to the long-term value of our investments.

Key Characteristics

  • Long-term investing approach with a high degree of capital preservation in falling markets
  • Disciplined, repeatable investment process focusing on high quality, attractively valued companies
  • Targets a dividend yield greater than the TSX