Fiera Comox Agriculture

Investment approach

Our Agriculture Strategy is dedicated to building a diversified global portfolio of assets, primarily farmland, generating stable, attractive returns over the long-term for investors. We invest in agricultural land and rural producing assets primarily in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, focusing on high-quality farmland with a history of production and resilience through economic and commodity cycles. We seek to create unique partnerships with best-in-class local operators and invest primarily in the sectors of row crops, animal protein (dairy, beef), permanent crops and timberland.

Key Characteristics

  • Diversification across geographies, commodities, and operating models
  • Entrepreneurial partnership model with operators which aligns interests and attracts the best operating partners in the world
  • Robust due diligence and analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors to help identify risk and hidden value
  • Capitalize on economies of scale, productivity gains, and generate portfolio value impact
  • Optimize allocation of capital to different sectors and regions based on market conditions
  • Identify and implement low-risk land development initiatives