Fiera Enhanced Short Term Fixed Income

Investment approach

The strategy is designed to provide superior short term investment returns primarily through interest income and moderate capital appreciation. To attain this objective, the strategy will invest primarily in a combination of high quality fixed income securities issued by Canadian governments and corporations, as well as asset classes such as high yield bonds, core mortgages, alternative credit and other structured products in order to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns. Moreover, the strategy allows for tactical short-term deviations from the long term target allocation in order to fully take advantage of market opportunities. The strategy aims at delivering a short-term return that is more than 1% higher than the performance benchmark, with reduced volatility in portfolio returns.

Key Characteristics

  • Consistency and solid performance in different types of market environments
  • Strong risk-adjusted returns as reflected by an excellent Information Ratio
  • Superior value added objective compared to traditional mandates
  • Well-diversified sources of traditional and alternative credit exposure
  • Continuous and rigorous risk management through disciplined investment process