US Equity Mid Cap

Investment approach

Our mid-cap growth strategy is designed to deliver significant capital appreciation over time while also providing stability during market downturns. This is achieved through a proprietary investment process that combines bottom-up stock selection with top-down thematic investing, and a judicious mix of stable growth and emerging growth companies in the portfolio. Historically, mid cap equity returns have outpaced both large and small caps.

Key Characteristics

  • Focused on the mid-cap space – currently under-owned, but has been the best-performing public equity asset class since 1978
  • A 10-year+ track record of outperformance – both absolute and risk-adjusted
  • Stable team with over 25 years of industry experience on average
  • High active share in the 85-90 range
  • Proven investment methodology, and a rigorous process designed to deliver strong capital appreciation over time and stability in down-markets