US Small-Mid Cap Growth

Investment approach

The Fiera US Small-Mid (SMID) Cap Growth strategy is focused on investing in small- to mid-cap companies. The aim of the Strategy is to deliver significant capital appreciation over multiple market cycles while providing clients with stability during market downturns. The Strategy consists of both stable and emerging growth companies within industries and sectors that are poised to benefit from secular growth trends.

The Strategy has a long-term growth-focussed investment approach and combines bottom up-research and a top-down view to identify secular trends and stable and emerging growth potential.

Key Characteristics

  • Benchmark: Russell 2500 Growth Index
  • Track Record: >22 years
  • Orientation: Intersection of bottom-up analysis and top-down secular trends
  • Portfolio Construction: Dynamic combination of Stable and Emerging Growth companies
  • Investment Horizon: 3+ Years
  • Typical Active Share: > 90%
  • Target Number of Holdings: 60-90