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Sebastian Blandizzi

Sebastian Blandizzi

Global Chief Technology and Operations Officer
Nancy Cloutier

Nancy Cloutier CHRP

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Public Markets and Private Wealth
Fran├žois Cloutier

Fran├žois Cloutier

Vice President, Human Resources, Fiera Private Alternative Investments
Jean-Guy Desjardins

Jean-Guy Desjardins C.M., LSc Com, CFA

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Amit Gandhi

Amit Gandhi

Head of Operations and Technology Delivery
646 965-0915

Dominic Grimard

Dominic Grimard CPA, CA

Senior Vice-President, Head of Finance, North American Public Markets & Private Wealth
Anik Lanthier

Anik Lanthier MSc, CFA

President, Public Markets
Jean-Philippe Lemay

Jean-Philippe Lemay M.Sc., FCIA, FSA, CAIA

Global President and Chief Operating Officer
Monique F. Leroux

Monique F. Leroux C.M., O.Q., FCPA, FCA

Strategic Advisor and Member of the Strategic Development Committee, Fiera Capital Corporation
Lucas Pontillo

Lucas Pontillo

Executive Vice President and Global Chief Financial Officer
Michael Quigley

Michael Quigley CFA, CAIA

Executive Vice President and Global Head of Distribution
514 954-3716

Rehan Talib

Rehan Talib

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Fiera Private Alternative Investments